Anxious Ghost Apparel is a clothing brand for the outcasts. I've spent most of my life trying to figure out how to express my feelings, tackle anxiety, and be confident in myself. I've tried everything from making music and touring to filmmaking. Through all of these experiences, I found that having a piece of clothing I absolutely love and feel confident wearing makes every situation better. That's what this brand is all about—wearing your feelings confidently.

Throughout my career as a touring artist, I noticed that most bands and even independent clothing brands have cool designs, but they all print their designs on the same old T-shirts and hoodies, and half the time they don't fit right. I went through hundreds of samples of hoodies and tees until I finally found the ones that fit perfectly. I order these blank garments and print my designs by hand using direct-to-film technology, so I have no limits on what I want to create.

Every piece in this store is made to order and unique because they aren't mass-produced. I have a huge passion for designing clothing, and I hope Anxious Ghost Apparel will add value to your life and help you find the confidence to be who you are.